Congratulations again on a wonderful year! Many of you, like us, sold more business than ever before! Thank you and enjoy your bountiful harvest. Now is the time to start marketing and planning 2019 sales. If you haven’t already met with Pro Insurance Resources, please schedule a meeting. We can help you obtain your goals. Read on for some great marketing ideas and give us a call if you ever have any questions or ideas!


So, now that I am successfully growing a residual income stream, how do I make it work for my family and continue to service my book of clients? 

ANSWER:  Successor Agent Program – A Successor Agent is defined as a qualified agent who will service the members in the book of business being transferred to him or her, and in turn that qualified agent will receive renewal commissions for the UnitedHealthcare members in that book of business. Why would I use the Successor Agent Program? The Successor Agent Program is a great way to plan for the future!

Exiting the Business – Transfer a book of business to another eligible agent/agency with the expectation that the new agent/agency will service the members in that book.

Maintaining Business – Manage continuity of past business written as an individual by enacting a successor agreement to your own corporation.

Deceased Agent – UnitedHealthcare will allow an eligible successor agent to take over a book of business when we are notified within 60 days of death and the agreement is completed within 90 days of death.

What are the minimum requirements for the Successor Agent Program– Original agent must receive at least $2,000 in annual renewal payments. Original and successor agents cannot be the subject of an open complaint investigation. Original and successor agents must be in the EDC or ICA channels. The successor agent program is not available to Solicitors, ISRs, or Telesales Agents.

 What is next for your new UHC members? See below and go to Jarvis for more info!
New Member Experience – Enrollment and Onboarding Touchpoints
Based on the plan selection, new members may receive the following communications. Please email, mail, or call your clients and talk about what to expect. Many no longer answer phone calls from unexpected numbers. Make sure your clients understand that United Healthcare has positive value in numerous ways and that knowing what is available and how to access it is part of the value of their choice to enroll in the MAPD.
After coverage starts, here’s what to expect…


Here is a proven method for growing clients and getting positive referrals: Have a “catalog” ordering party! Do you know how the MAPD enrollees get OTC benefits? They don’t unless they order something! Invite your clients to a “catalog” ordering party and tell them to bring friends. The friends that don’t have the plan, will want it. This is a great way to build your sales funnel and it works!




It’s here! You can now use LEAN and get signatures via DocuSign. It is as simple as sending and opening an email. How many can you sell if you don’t have all that windshield time?


We love our agents. This market is so vast and fast-growing that we are looking for high-quality professionals to help serve clients. There are expansion markets and opportunities galore. Can you please take a moment and think about a family or friend who may be looking for a fulfilling career or opportunity?  Please introduce us to your friends in the insurance business or cool people who are tired of corporate ceilings and restrictions.  We really can help change their lives as they help people change their lives! Please check our website and share our posts and newsletters. We are working on this right now so that we can have a new class of agent servicing the growing markets in 2019.


  1. Education and Training – it’s what we do! Our agents are the best trained, most productive professionals with the best policy retention in the market. February 12th, 9 am to 4 pm at the Hilton Garden in AkSarBen Village 6737 Frances Street, Kellogg’s Kevin Owens is providing in-depth training on GTL, Aetna Sr Products and Connecture. It is like the Medicare.Gov site except it fills in your agent number as you take the app from the quoting site! This is a game changer! Make sure you RSVP to Amy as well as do the Pre-Training mentioned in the January 9th email from Amy or the invite from Kevin sent 1/14/19.
  2. Please mark your calendar April 24th, 25th and morning on the 26th, Pro Insurance Resources is proud to provide Medicare Marketing Success Institute. It will be comprehensive Medicare and Medicaid training, from A to Z. We will train new and seasoned agents in the value and use of latest quoting and enrollment technology, LIS, DSNP, Social Security website, Medicare.Gov, Kellogg tools and much more!
    We will provide and teach Medicare basics and how to successfully start and grow an agency. Look for more details soon on what is covered and when so you can get the training you want and not have to sit through the information you already know. We will make improvements to last years training and have more “applied knowledge” and minimum commercials for maximum value to you. Carrier-specific training will be focused on their competitive sweet spots and how to enroll efficiently and grow your income. Don’t miss it!

Congratulations on your superior service provided to Medicare beneficiaries in 2018. We appreciate your business!

Brian & Amy

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